Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I have white spots on my nails. do i have a problem?

ever since i was born i have had white spots on my nails.

is their something wrong with me??????????I have white spots on my nails. do i have a problem?
there just bruises i get them all the timeI have white spots on my nails. do i have a problem?
If they are at your cuticles it is new nails that always grow underneath for later. That is normal and they appear white. If they are above and are speks, maybe you use to bite your nails when you were younger. Sometimes hurting your finger doing something can cause that. It will in over time go away. Mine do.
White spots on your finger nails is a classical symptom of a zinc deficiency.
you are good
sounds like the first signs of cootie infusion.
it may just be scratches on your nails. i do a lot of yard work and when i scratch my nails they get a kind of white scrape. either way i don't think it's too big of a problem.
no there is nuthin wrong with u it is just new nails growing

When I first got my cat she allowed me to clip her nails with no problem. Now she gets really upset.?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have never clipped her quick so I just don't understand why she protests so much. I try to clip her nails when she is asleep but since she sleeps light this does not always work. I have also tried to make her comfortable with a favorite blanket and treats. I might just have to clip one nail at a time? Also does anyone use time-outs for behavioral issues? She's sweet most of the time but every now and then she does something that's not appropriate. I want to let her know that her behavior is unacceptable. I haven't tried water spraying yet. Thanks for any suggestions.When I first got my cat she allowed me to clip her nails with no problem. Now she gets really upset.?
My cats hate getting their nails clips. I just make them cofortable and trim them really quick then i give them treats and stuff. I don't use any ';time out'; actions but that may work of course it could make it worse also. good luck.When I first got my cat she allowed me to clip her nails with no problem. Now she gets really upset.?
Is she an outdoor cat? if she is she may be wanting to keep her claws to protect herself from other animals in the the neighborhood. Is she spayed? This will also have an effect on her behavior. Are there small children around? Do they sort of 'pick' on her, my son teases the cats I have horribly, so I allow them claws to protect themselves. And have trained them to claw on their specialized scratching posts. [Whenever they try to claw somewhere else I pick them up and carry them to where they can scratch] takes a little time but pretty soon they get the idea. Hope this helps you.
I have never trimmed my cats claws before but I did see this thing on tv shoot i forget what it is called but that might help or call a groomer and ask them what they use or your vet. hope this little bit of info helps

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they just know that when there nails get clipped they can no longer climb up things as well or even scratch the couch and they hate this idea so they get pissed and try to get away.
LOL @ timeouts. That's not going to work. Cats don't reason like that. All they're going to know is that you're mean.

I don't believe in punishing cats. Not only does it really not work, it has side effects and it's mean. I don't even like the idea of a water bottle. I used that on Poppy as a kitten and now she's like autistic. I think it really upset her.

All you can do when a cat does something you don't want them to is say no. Physically remove them if applicable, and be consistent. That's really all I've done (minus the one incident with the water bottle) and my girls are very well-behaved.

As for the nails, just do what you can. If you can only manage one at a time, so be it. One thing I read is to keep their paws close to their body. Apparently they don't like having their legs pulled out.

It works well enough for mine. I always give them a treat after, but they still aren't crazy about having it done.
i can only do a few nails at a time.... i usually put a blanket over him and almost sit on him (while he's sleeping) but he ends up getting too wriggly and i let him go...

never tried time out... i don't think they would ';get it';... the water bottle definately helps htough... after a few squirts you can just shake it and they'll stop!
Not forcing the issue is the way to success. One at a time then reward with play and or treats. Discipline is not a concept that cats will ever get and they are pretty dim on punishment also. As she gets more comfortable again you can start doing two and increase slowly. She may have had a claw caught on something or had a sore toe you didn't know about which caused her change in attitude about clipping.
Take a good look at the under side of her nails. One of my cats was always fine about his nails being clipped when he was a kitten, and is still pretty much fine about his front paws, but the back paws are a fight. As far as I can tell it's because the cuticle on his hind nails now that he's full grown grows further out along the underside of his nails then the quick does. It doesn't bleed when I cut his nails, but like when you pull a hang nail I think it still is uncomfortable for him. I've tried rewarding him with treats, which has helped a little, but it still works best if I just clip one hind paw and then wait an hour or so and then do the other. Poor thing meows in a way that actualy sounds like he's saying 'ow' when you clip those nails.

As for the training, the spray bottle has worked best for me for most things (there are certain situations where other things have worked better simply because they happen most often when I'm not home). 'Time-outs' don't really work as well with cats as they would with people. You have to keep in mind that a cat's understanding is pretty much on par with a toddler's in most things, if the negative consiquence doesn't come right away the cat generally doesn't associate it with what they did. But if say every time the cat scratches the couch he's hit with a squirt of water, well then he starts thinking scratching the couch makes the water come and stops. If it's counters you're dealing with, a good trick is to take a length of the cheep plastic carpet runner that has traction studs on the back and put it on the counter upside down. When they jump up on to the counter their feet will be on the uncomfortable spikes and they'll hop back down. Doesn't work with all cats, but I've seen quite a few where it helps.
well, this is my personal opinion - I don't believe in clipping cats claws - even indoor cats - one of my indoor cats slipped out one day - if he hadn't had his claws he wouldn't have been able to climb the tree to get away from the big dog that chased him. I have several scratching posts, one floor to ceiling thing with carpeting with a shelf to hang out on (I built all the scratching posts with scrap carpet) and when my kitty does start to scratch (rarely) I just hiss at him and he stops and goes to one of the posts - I used to spray him with a water bottle - it only takes one maybe two sprays and if you hiss while spraying them - after awhile you can just hiss at them. You have to keep the water bottle handy on a stream spray so you can spray them while they are doing whatever it is - not after - I'm not sure a time out would really work - guess you could try it. They might think they were just getting to take a nap.

There is also a round thing that has a ball that goes around in a grove and it has a scratching pad in the middle - my cats like that too.

I bite my nails a lot,,is that a mental problem?

Biting of nails denotes anxiety or stress.It could also just be a nasty habit.Something you do unconsciously.I bite my nails a lot,,is that a mental problem?
No, i don't think biting your nails is a mental problem. It's just your habit, a mannerism. It probably occurs a lot when you're nervous or something. Most of my classmates also bite their nails. But try and kick off that habit, you don't want biting your nails when they're dirty, you never know how many germs are stuck in them.I bite my nails a lot,,is that a mental problem?
I used to do that as a bad habit when I was nervous, but there is this stuff you can buy that will help. It's like a nail polish but you can't see it at all, it's just there, but it tastes friggin awful. It got me to quit biting my nails.
It is no mental problem. It is just a habit, but bad habit. Try to avoid it.
It's a mental habit. I used to do it too. I stopped by painting my nails a really bright color. If you do it subconsciously this might work for you too, when you bring a bright blue nail up to your mouth you will immediately notice the color and you can stop your self.
Nail biting is the habit of biting one's fingernails or toenails during periods of nervousness, stress, hunger, or boredom. It can also be a sign of mental or emotional disorder. The clinical name for nail biting is chronic onychophagia. It occurs in 28% to 33% of children ages 7-10 years old, 44% of adolescents, 19% to 29% of young adults and 5% of older adults. It is more common in boys.

Hope this helps

matado 89
Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development: would call us nail bitters ';orally fixated';
Yes it is a mental problem. It serves no function, it is not pretty and it has no rational reason. It is amasing to me that many people don't realize that nail-biting and face-picking and hair pulling are mental problems. They say, if many people do it it can't be a mental problem. Guess what? It is very COMMON mental problem. Also, having mental problems doens't make you crazy.
lol no! so many people do it, it doesnt not mean they are mental...it's a habit, a bad habit. even i use to bite my nails, but i learned how to stop.

Major problem with Acrylic nails!!?

Well i just went and got acrylics put on by a proffesional- then i came home and diddnt really like them and i have contact lenses and i have no idea what im going to do about that and yeah. What do i do? how can i get them off????Major problem with Acrylic nails!!?
i have acrylic nails and contacts, its easy just use your finger part, and bend them so your nail doesnt touch your eye.

its hard to explain, but you will get it

for the acrylic nails, youll just have to wait, use a remover, or go back to a profesional .

sorry for the late response, i hope i helpped! :)Major problem with Acrylic nails!!?
Clarify please--get the contacts off or the acrylic nails off? If it is the nails, just use acetone Pure acetone if you have it since it will be a lot more efficient). If it is the contacts, try swiping a q-tip at the edge of the contact to ';pull'; it away from the eye so that you don't have to use your nails. Sorry for not quite understanding your question.
acetone nail polish remover

My nails are extremely weak, could there be a severe medical problem linked?

no i doubt it because i had really really weak nails so then i went to boots and i bought this rimmel liquid that you put over your nails like appiling nail vanish and my nails have gone really strong it onli costs about 拢3 and it work, unless you are very worried then you should go to the doctorsMy nails are extremely weak, could there be a severe medical problem linked?
u need more nutrition, start taking vitaminsMy nails are extremely weak, could there be a severe medical problem linked?
probably a vitamin definiency. Take a multi vitamin and see the difference in about a month.

Nail Polish problem?

I kinda think im addicted to painting my nails..ive never really liked it before but recently ive gotten to the point to where ill paint my left hand all one color and throughout the day if i decide i dont like the color and ill start to scratch it off...not only that but ill want to change a color and use a nourishing nail polish remover to get it all off...my question is...Is it unhealthy to paint and repaint my nails over and over again in the way ive been doing?...

what ever information you can give me would greatly help..im kinda worriedNail Polish problem?
its unhealthy to paint your nails at all. if its just a short phase your going through that lasts like 2-3 months it'll be alright. then after that just dont do it every day. try keeping your color on for at least 3-5 days at a time. o.p.i. is one of the healthiest for your nails. comes in great colors. also to keep it on longer spread a clear gloss on top of it.
  • mineral foundation
  • Nail problem?

    I have really long and strong nails. They are just too long so my right hand thumb nail broke. It's very painful, because it broke lower than it should so you can see the meat which would always be covered by the nail. I want to buy a nail polish which grows nails faster, so I wanna ask what period of time would it take to grow my nail back. Not too long, but just normal size, so it wouldn't be painful anymore. It hurts even when I touch something...Nail problem?
    What can I say? Try it...Nail problem?
    nail polishes which claim to make nails grow faster are not that effective, however, the pain should subside pretty quickly,
    make sure u cut ur nails once every 2 months for healthy nails...clean it all the time...make sure give it a TLC...coz if u dont they will smell